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Olga Vasylchenko Foreign policy discourse by Barack Obama’s administration within the modern perception of the American society of political developments in Ukraine 11
Ludmyula Vovchuk, Oleksandr Tryuhub American consuls in the southern Ukraine 19
A. Godliuk Strategic partnership in format of special US – Ukraine relations 27
Volodymyr Holovchenko Ukrainian question in the US policy during the Cold War 40
Oleksandr Demchenko The activity of the US diplomatic mission in Crimea (April-November, 1920) 49
Viktor Docenko Collaboration of American Jewish voluntarily societies and Ukrainian bolshevists from overcoming of consequences of hunger 1921-1923 in Ukraine 57
Liudmila Zhuravlyova US – Ukraine relations in space activities (commercial aspect) 63
Мykhailo Kirsenko Background and origins of Ukrainian-American mutuality 73
Iryna Matiash Advance team of the USA consulate general in Kyiv: objectives and activities 79
Antonina Mytko Experience American science of communication for Ukraine in the field of information democracy 87
Tetiana Orlova Modern Ukraine in the light of concepts by American scholars 94
Oleksandr Potiekhin US nuclear non-proliferation policy and Ukraine 100
Ihor Todorov Reinventing ‘Intermarium’ concept in the context of Ukraine-US relations 108
Anatoliy Khudoliy US-Ukraine relationships in the light of the XXI century challenges 115
Lyudmyla Chekalenko Ukraine-USA: dilemma of strategic partnership 122


Iryna Hetman-Piatkovska Ukrainian diaspora in Los Angeles 128
Oleg Kazak The activities of emigrant organizations “Lemko Union” in 1939 – 1944 136
Iryna Sydun USA policy on migration Ukrainian population in the United States end of the XIX century (based on the materials of press from Kherson and Bessarabia provinces) 141
Mariya Sribna Activities Ukrainian diaspora USA and Canada in XX century – early XXI century after materials of fund collection national museum of Ukraine history. 145
Olga Sukhobokova Ukrainian community in the United States and the Ukrainian question during the First World War 151


Olexandr Haladzii Value of the AUSFTA for the Australian-US relations in the late XXth and XXIst century 162
Maksym Godlevskiy Power and non-power facilities in US foreign policy in 1950-1960 168
Yulia Honchar Struggle against subversion and espionage: the United States during the First World War experience 175
Larysa Levchenko The implementation of technical assistance program “Point four” by the president of the United States of America Harry Truman in the archival field 184
Olexander Shevchuk USA foreign policy priority in expecting presidential elections in 2016 192


Rina Banti Immigration from Caribbean to UK (1947 – 1961) 199
Olga Zernetska Cybersecurity on US social networks 207


Natalia Shevchenko International Conference “Ukraine and the United States: experience and prospects of cooperation” dedicated to the memory of Professor B. M. Gonchar 215