Stanislav Kovalskyi

Ph.D. (History), Associate Professor

Odessa I. I. Mechnicov National University, Odesa, Ukraine

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Abstract. Greece is an essential part of the Mediterranean and Middle East security system. Home and foreign policy of Greece became a factor of the critical importance for the US. The author`s vision of the Greek factor’s impact on the US Mediterranean policy was presented in the article. Research objective. The paper is devoted to the US Mediterranean policy and the Greek factor in the context of the Cold War. The purpose of the presented study is to research connection between Greek home and foreign policy to the US strategy in the region.

Scientific novelty. The innovative nature of the article lies in the revision of the US Mediterranean policy according to political processes in Greece. A special attention was paid on regional strategic developments and US adaptation to them. Research methods. The system analysis was used in the article to research geopolitical and economic interests of the USA in the regional dimension. The history and genetic method is used in the article also.

Conclusions. Greece played an important role in the US foreign policy throughout the Cold War. Greece was regarded not only as an equal partner, but also as a guarantor of the stability of NATO’s Southern Flank. Greece policy`s influence on the US Mediterranean policy had formed the so-called Greek factor. During the Cold war Greek factor forced the US to adapt. Such aspects as Truman doctrine, Cyprus problem, regime of Greek junta prioritized American policy in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. Temporal withdrawal of Greece from NATO and emergence of Greek anti-Americanism were the most difficult stages of the US Mediterranean policy. By the end of the Cold War political anti-Americanism transformed into terrorist threat. The current situation in the Middle East region makes the US Mediterranean policy relevant. And its research has a prospect for a future survey.

Key words: US Mediterranean Policy, Truman Doctrine, Cyprus conflict of 1974, anti-Americanism in Greece.

Submitted: 11.06.2021



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