Oleh Oliinyk

Ph. D. (Economy), Leading Research Fellow,

State Institution «Institute of World History of NAS of Ukraine», Kyiv, Ukraine

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Abstract. Faced with international isolation after the establishment of the People`s Republic of China, the country’s leaders have chosen to build relations with developing countries, including Latin American and the Caribbean, which in turn have supported the intentions of the Chinese leadership. The parties found an acceptable format for cooperation in both political and trade and economic spheres. Cooperation between China and the LAC promotes multipolarity and democracy in international relations, strengthens the voice of developing countries in international affairs, and protects the common interests of both parties and other developing countries. The objectives of the proposed article are to try to clarify the preconditions for the formation of relations between Latin America and the Caribbean countries and China, their genesis and impact on the socio-economic development of the parties and the formation of a new paradigm of relations.

The methods we employed to do the research: the historical method which allowed to study the origin, formation and development of major historical events in the relations between Latin America and the Caribbean countries and China in chronological order; the comparative-historical method which helped to establish the content, forms, directions and perspectives of relations between Latin America and the Caribbean countries and China by comparison. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the in-depth analysis of the instrumental, conceptual foundations and practical aspects of the development of relations between Latin America and the Caribbean countries and China, as well as in forecasting potential trends in relations between the parties. Conclusions. Thanks to the gradual and well-thought-out policy of building bilateral relations between Latin America and the Caribbean countries and China, the parties were able to build effective, but at the same time pragmatic relations based on trust, equality and mutual benefit.

Key words: relations between LAC and China, China-СELAC Forum, trade, economic relations, energy, tourism.

Submitted 20.04.2021



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