Marharyta Lymar

Ph.D. (Political Sciences)

ORCID logo 0000-0001-9902-2709

Iryna Tykhonenko

Ph.D. (Political Sciences)

ORCID logo 0000-0002-7716-085X

Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University,
Mykolaiv, Ukraine


Abstract. The purpose of the article is to research basis, experience, and practical ways of the implementation of U.S. security (defense) assistance to Ukraine. The current study considers the institutional and legal framework for providing U.S. defense support to Ukraine; explores the preconditions for strengthening U.S. military assistance at modern stage; analyzes the possible consequences of such support for the United States; gives an overall assessment of U.S. security assistance to Ukraine since 2014.
The methodological basis of the study includes a set of general and special research methods. The systematic method allowed to consider the process of providing military assistance to Ukraine by the United States as a multilevel system. First, military support to Ukraine is considered in the format of mechanisms that promote comprehensive military assistance to Ukraine. Second, it is observed as an element of foreign policy strategies of the U.S. administrations since 2014. Third, the overall impact of U.S. assistance to Ukraine is studied in the format of a security environment at the regional and global levels of international relations. The comparative method helped to compare the volumes and effectiveness of security assistance under Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations. Statistical methods were used as the basis for the objective study and allowed to consider features and scope of assistance in the period from 2014 to 2022.
The scientific novelty lies in one of the first attempts among Ukrainian authors to make an overall analysis of current situation in Ukraine, – active phase of Russian aggression against our state, – given the fact that domestic scientists are just beginning to study comprehensively foreign military and defense assistance that Ukraine receives from international partners, including the United States. In this regard, the authors pay special attention to reviewing American and British sources as well as current news and analytical reports. Summing up, the authors confirm significance of American security support for effective military counteraction to Russia and restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Key words: defense; security assistance; United States; Ukraine; DoD; USAI; Biden; Russian aggression.

Submitted: 02.06.2022



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