Anatoliy Khudoliy, Ph.D. in Political Science, Professor, Ostroh academy National University, Ostroh, Ukraine


The article deals with American-Turkish relationships during 2000-2017.
Analyzing the period of seventeen years of cooperation between two countries we distinguished stages of relationships and followed how they changed within time. The author focused on several important aspects related to foreign policy course of both countries. Among them: political, military and economic cooperation between Washington and Ankara for the period mentioned above.
Main tendencies of American-Turkish relationships in the context of multifaceted cooperation are illustrated. The author attempted to analyze development of relationships during terms of three American Presidents, such as G.W. Bush, B. Obama and D. Trump. Every period of two-side relationships had its advantages and disadvantages, shaped by various factors.
The foreign policy of Turkey is oriented to stabilization of the situation in the region. Along with it, Turkey performs security functions in the region whether it deals with Afghanistan or Syria.
The author tried to identify American priorities in the context considering its own pragmatic purposes and national interests in relationships with Turkey. Two-side relations in the light of Syrian was and war in Afghanistan are analyzed. We have identified and described important factors that reduce strategic partnership. They weaken relationships between two countries.
The USA was quite decisive at the very beginning of the XXI century when it needed Turkey in order to accumulate efforts before the invasion of Iraq and later on when Washington started war in Afghanistan. The Turkish Republic supported the USA in its strategy first in Iraq and then in Afghanistan and over the last years in Syria.
Military cooperation developed quite effectively for a long period. Washington also provided financial, economic and military support of turkey, but demanded development of democracy in the country.
Turkey as a member of NATO did and does a lot in order provide security and accomplish missions due to its responsibilities. We identified and analyzed definite steps made by Turkey and the USA for the sake of the regional security.
Apart from military and security spheres, both countries develop business and economic relationships. Since 2000, Turkey has become an important market for American production.
Along with positive, there are negative spots in the relationships. Despite numerous requests made by Turkish Government, American administrations support Kurds with weapons and such steps undermine trust between the countries.
America is dependent on Turkey in solving the Middle East crisis. The war in Syria is raging and it requires efforts from both sides despite misunderstanding and lack of trust.

the USA, Turkey, American-Turkish relationships, Syria, Afghanistan, NATO, national interests of the USA

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