DOI: 10.17721/2521-1706.2021.11.5

Viacheslav Shved

Ph.D. (History), Аssociate Рrofessor

The State institution «Institute of World History of NAS of Ukraine», Kyiv, Ukraine

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The administration of the new US president is intensively working out the main directions of its foreign policy and identifying new approaches to the key problems of nowadays. In the context of restoring US leadership in the world, Joe Biden team outlines its new agenda in relations with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. The priority of the tasks set by the new US administration in this region is primarily due to the need to correct as soon as possible the problems that have largely arisen as a result of the voluntarist actions of former US president D. Trump.

The aim of the article is to comprehensively study the formation of the Joe Biden administration’s foreign policy outlines towards the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf in conformity with the US foreign policy in the region determined by the national interests and the main principles of the new US president and his team.

The scientific novelty of the article is determined by analysis of implementation by Joe Biden administration of main principles of its global policy concerning Arab countries of the Persian Gulf and understanding of its first achievements and problems.

The study, using historical and political analysis, found that among the first steps to correct the US foreign policy towards the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, which would best combine democratic values with the restoration of US diplomatic leadership, the new US administration focused on the efforts to end the war in Yemen shortly and on the serious revision of the nature and content of the US-Saudi Arabia relations.

Such further steps by the J. Biden administration as the temporary suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the annulment of the definition of the Hussites as a terrorist organization, the White House announcement to begin a review of US-Saudi relations, and the intention to release a report by US National Intelligence on the assassination of the journalist J. Hashoggi indicate the desire of J. Biden and his team to overcome the consequences of a number of individual actions of D. Trump in relations with this group of countries as soon as possible.

Key words: Joe Biden, Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, war in Yemen, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, review.

Submitted: 10.01.2021

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