DOI: 10.17721/2521-1706.2019.07.65-71

Oleksander Naboka

Doctor of History, Head of the Department of History of Ukraine, State Institution «Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University»


The published sources are being analyzed in the article, which review special aspects of the USA policy in Eastern Asia in the 30-70s of XIХ century. The author marked four groups of published documentary materials. The first group includes publications of the official documents of American government in the period under review. There are letters among of establishments, diplomats, American leading merchants who did trade in China and Japan.  The cables and the reports of envoys of the USA to Far Eastern countries are included to this category in the period under review.

The second group of the sources includes the memoirs and diaries of political leaders and diplomats, who were involved to the development of Eastern Asian direction of American foreign policy – B. Tyler M. Perry, T. Harris and others.

The third group of the sources includes the published materials in the periodicals United States, Great Britain, China and Japan. The documents of this category are allowed to analyze public sentiment in the USA according the policy in Eastern Asia.

The fourth, special group of sources includes scientific works, wrote by contemporaries of the events under study. The value of these works is explained by the fact that they are written in the context of those views on the policies of the US and other Western countries, which were then widespread.

The authors of the works evaluated the activity of Washington in the Pacific Ocean differently, who marked achievements and failures of the American presidents and they gave their advice according the strategy of the USA policy in Eastern Asia.

As a result of the research, the author concludes that the documentary provides an opportunity to understand the position of official Washington on various events related to US policy in East Asia, to show the progress of military companies, negotiations, scientific expeditions and diplomatic missions carried out by Americans in the East countries and in the Islands of Pacific ocean.

Key words: USA, published sources, press, memoirs, report, China, Japan.

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