What is research data?

Research data – data collected, processed, acquired or produced as part of scientific research or development works; digital and non-digital.

This Journal supports and implements the Open Access Policy

Self-Archiving Policy

We encourage authors to archive research data in open research data repositories. Authors are encouraged to correctly cite the research data in their publications, in particular to include the DOI number or another identifier of the research data.

Since 2016 authors may self-archive a) the published version of the text and/or b) postprint version (peer-reviewed final electronic version of the publication accepted/approved by the Publisher for publication).

Open research data repositories:

Zenodo: https://zenodo.org/
Figshare: https://figshare.com/
Mendeley Data: https://data.mendeley.com/

It should be remembered that the research data must comply with the FAIR principles: 1. Findable; 2. Accessible; 3. Interoperable; 4.Reusable.

Archiving policy

The journal is digitally archived in the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine