Viktoriia Mykhtunenko

Ph.D. (History)

ORCID logo 0000-0003-2660-1632

Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A. S. Makarenko, Sumy, Ukraine.


Abstract. The article examines the US foreign policy in Eastern Europe course under Donald Trump’s presidency. It is noted that the countries of the Eastern European region are one of the main players, whose internal situation influences the balance of power and the general position of Europe, as well as the foreign policy of the United States. It is worth noting that US foreign policy and its practical implementation in the international arena, including in historical retrospect, is of great interest to American scientists. In the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the study of US foreign policy strategy for Eastern Europe becomes even more relevant and is determined by the fact that after D. Trump came to power, the foreign policy vector was changed.
The aim of the article is a comprehensive study of US foreign policy in Eastern Europe under President D. Trump. The article provides a content analysis of the main strategies of the United States during the presidency of D. Trump, which examines the importance of the Eastern European vector in US foreign policy.
Research methods are based on the principles of historicism and objectivity. In the process of analysis, the author applied general scientific principles of analysis and synthesis and the method of critical analysis of sources, which includes content analysis.
The scientific novelty of the obtained results lies in the substantive and structural analysis of the US foreign policy in Eastern Europe during the presidency of D. Trump.
The conclusions emphasize the importance of the Eastern European vector in US foreign policy strategy at the present stage. It is noted that after the Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and the annexation of Crimea, a new wave of US interest in the Eastern European region began. The author considers the peculiarities of bilateral cooperation between the United States and Eastern Europe. The basic principles of D. Trump’s policy towards this region are analyzed and the probability of their implementation in specific political steps is assessed.

Key words: USA, Eastern Europe, NATO, D. Trump, European integration, foreign policy of USA.

Submitted: 05.04.2022



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