Irina Zubarenko, PhD (history), Associate Professor, Iliya Mechnikov National University of Odessa, Odessa


The article touches upon the development of American-Egyptian relations after the Arab Spring that took place in the winter of 2010 and led to the changes in the political, economic and social situation in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Egypt is the most densely populated Arabic country. And although it is still unable to play a leading role in the Arab world, Egypt still remains an influential country in the region due to its historical heritage.

The current administration of the United States has expressed great hopes for the American-Egyptian relations that have suffered from some serious tensions. However, there is a risk that cooperation with the official Cairo might be repressive, placing US-Egyptian relations at a shaky foundation over the next few years.

The article covers the author’s vision of the events on the basis of the original sources, which have been mostly presented by those in the Western press. The article is therefore generally based on a chronological analysis of the situation that took place in the history of relations between the two countries. Despite the fixed historical facts published in the context of certain events, the author keeps her own right on the analysis of the abovementioned events.

Arab Spring, American-Egyptian relations, president, democracy, elections, Egypt, the USA

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