Марія Кравченко,

кандидат історичних наук, координатор програм, Програма академічних обмінів імені Фулбрайта в Україні / Представництво Інституту міжнародної освіти в Україні, м. Київ, Україна

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Abstract. The following outline deals with the Ukrainian edition of the book «Watching Darkness Fall: FDR, His Ambassadors, and the Rise of Adolf Hitler» by the attorney, political adviser, and former American ambassador to Luxembourg David MacKean (translated into Ukrainian by Yuliia Lazarenko). The book was originally published in 2021 (New York, St. Martin’s Press), the Ukrainian version came out in 2022 (Kyiv, Laboratoriya). «Watching Darkness Fall…» shows how the international situation in the 1930s was changing tremendously from the perspective of William Bullitt, William Dodd, Breckinridge Long and Joseph Kennedy – four Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ambassadors in Moscow (later in Paris), Berlin, Rome, and London, respectively. Through the stories of the United States ambassadors to European countries and their relationship with the American president, the book looks at the global road to World War II and its first years (the main part deals with the events between 1933 and 1941). Besides covering international relations issues in this period, McKean’s research also touches on such topics as the domestic policy of FDR’s administration – the «New deal», political processes (elections, political appointments, etc.) in the USA in the 1930s. Among the internal affairs of other countries, special attention is paid to the rise of the Third Reich in Germany. The whole book consists of an epilogue, 41 main sections and a prologue.

This study is broader than a traditional book review. That’s because the author is trying to identify and present to the Ukrainian readers the main problems and political figures featured in McKean’s book. Of no less importance is to emphasize the context in which the Ukrainian edition of «Watching Darkness Fall…» has appeared, as well as the value of this book for the American studies development in Ukraine.

Key words: David McKean, «Watching Darkness Fall», FDR, World War II, the U.S. foreign policy.

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