DOI 10.17721/2521-1706.2023.16.4

Olga Zernetska,

Dr. habil. (Political Sciences), Professor,

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Elena Myronchuk,

Master of International Relations, Junior Research Fellow,

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State Institution «Institute of World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine», Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. The article examines and analyzes the main types and means of assistance from Australia to Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. It outlines Australia’s priorities in the field of international security and its responses to Russia’s military expansion against Ukraine.

The methodological basis of the article is based on the principles of systematic research of the modern history of international relations. Historical-genetic, comparative, and descriptive methods, as well as methods of critical analysis of sources and comparative analysis are used.

The scientific novelty of the study consists of conducting a comprehensive analysis of Australia’s contribution to the resistance to Russian military aggression and monitoring trends in the development of relations between Australia and NATO states under the crisis conditions of modern geopolitical realities.

Conclusions. The government of Australia considers the Russo-Ukrainian war as having significance beyond European security, taking on global importance. It declares its support and practically implements comprehensive and wide-ranging assistance to Ukraine. Among the main directions of this support are political and humanitarian measures, as well as the consolidation of international support through the establishment of sustainable cooperation with partners in areas related to ensuring national security and defense, and protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Australia, alongside its American and European partners, demonstrated its ability to contribute to the formation of international support against Russian aggression. In particular, it provided substantial military assistance to Ukraine. This is the most significant contribution from the countries of the Indo-Pacific region to Ukraine’s security.

Key words: Australia, NATO, Australian-American relations, Russian military policy, opposition to Russian military aggression, international support of Ukraine, assistance of Australia to Ukraine.

 Submitted: 25.08.2023



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