Godliuk Alona, PhD in Political Science, the State Institution “The Institute of the World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine


 The article examines situation of the European security system and the main challenges that appears in the second half of 2010, in particular, the impact of the Syrian crisis and Russian aggression against Ukraine. Author investigated the main changes of the European security strategy; also examined the main areas of cooperation with the EU and NATO and proposed options for Ukraine’s cooperation with the European and Euro-Atlantic structures in order to provide adequate responses to the security threats on the European continent.

Furthermore, author notes that Ukraine will remain in the center of the European security agenda for a long time. European leaders and the civil society are aware of the clear link between the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the threats to the national security of the EU countries and try to pursue the most balanced policy so that they do not exacerbate the conflict with the Russian Federation.

Conclusions are as follow: Due to the current situation, it is vital for Ukraine to strengthen cooperation with the EU and NATO countries, because this significantly improve the chances of integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures in future. Therefore, the deeper and longer will be confrontation between Russia and the West, the more chances for Ukraine to change the skepticism of the European elites toward their own European prospects.

Key words: NATO, EU, crisis of the European security system, Ukrainian crisis, European security strategy, European integration.

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DOI http://doi.org/10.17721/2521-1706.2018.05.185-197