Victoria Medvid, Graduate Student, Institute of History of Ukraine National Academy of Ukraine


The article analyzes an important element of international cooperation between Ukraine and the United States of America – the attraction and use of international technical assistance. The historical aspects on establishing of diplomatic relations is presented, the sources and historiography upon the issue proposed have been described. The most significant regulatory documents, intergovernmental agreements, etc. have been defined.

The article is devoted to the creating and operation of the United States Agency for International Development and, in particular, its activities in Ukraine. The main directions of cooperation are determined by attracting development assistance, as well as the main results of cooperation.

The United States Agency for International Development reports for the period 1996 to 2014 have been analyzed, examples of successful projects and problems encountered in their implementation have been presented. The purpose of the implemented projects is formulated as the promotion of transparency and accountability of existing governance mechanisms, involvement of the general population, and their activation in the process of socio-political, economic and democratic reforms.

The article described the conceptual apparatus relating to the involvement of international aid, the concept of technical assistance and how it shows Ukrainian international affairs. The United States Agency for International Development is one of the key instruments for implementing international politics, which reflects the policy of the Administration. For Ukraine, this is not only an instrument of developing the public sector, but also an element of attracting some important experience.

Key words: USAID, international technical assistance, donor, society, state.

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