Rina Banti, Ph.D. (History), Ministry of Education of Israel.


The article analyzes the recent decisions of the US administration of Donald Trump about the withdrawal of the United States from the organization of UNESCO. The history of the US withdrawal and its causes, which took place during the governing of the previous administrations, has been briefly reviewed. The various reasons for this decision, one of which is the anti-Israeli position of this organization have been analyzed. The initial response of the official Jerusalem to the decision of the American government, the essence of which is also the orientation towards the withdrawal from UNESCO, has also been considered. The dynamics of the steps, which were applying by the State of Israel over the last two decades as a response to UNESCO’s anti-Israeli position, have been monitored in the brief review. In this publication, the attempt to understand the possible consequences of withdrawal from the organization for the United States in the light of the advantages and disadvantages of staying within international organizations, such large and influential states as the United States of America, has been made. This aspect is considered in line with the policies of President Donald Trump. The article as well attempts to assess the possible consequences of Israel’s withdrawal from the organization, which it is going to implement according to the Government’s intentions in the near future. The possibility of influencing the relationship between Israel and UNESCO by the new General Director of the organization has also been analyzed.

Keywords: UNESCO, USA, Israel, World Heritage sites, Jerusalem, Hebron, Palestine, General Director.

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DOI http://doi.org/10.17721/2521-1706.2018.05.102-114